Call your Member of Parliament

You’re calling to let the MP know why you think the Senate Inquiry into Commonwealth Bargaining is important, and why you think the Government should fully implement the recommendations of the majority report. You can check out a summary of important recommendations here and the full report here.

Who to call:

Area Member Phone Number
New South Wales- Non Sydney Metro The Hon Barnaby Joyce  (02) 6761 3080
New South Wales- Sydney Metro The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP  (02) 9327 3988
Northern Territory Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion  (08) 8948 3555
Queensland- Non Brisbane Metro Senator the Hon Matthew Canavan  (07) 4927 2003
Queensland- Brisbane Metro Senator the Hon James McGrath (07) 5441 1800
South Australia The Hon Christopher Pyne (08) 8431 2277
Tasmania Senator Jonathon Duniam (03) 6424 5960
Victoria Senator the Hon Scott Ryan   (03) 9326 1088
Western Australia Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann  (08) 9325 4227


What to Say:

Here are some talking points to guide you through the conversation. Remember to stay calm, polite and don't be afraid to ask questions, and please fill in the feedback form to let us know how it went!

  • Hi, my name is ______, I’m a local constituent and I’m calling today to talk about APS Bargaining.
  • The Senate has released a report into commonwealth bargaining, and I’m calling to ask [SENATOR] to support the recommendations of the report and to ask her/ his colleagues in the Coalition to change the government’s approach to commonwealth bargaining
    • My workplace has been bargaining for three years and this has caused me and my colleagues stress and uncertainty because
    • One of the conditions that my agency is attempting to take from our agreement due to the government’s approach to bargaining is X {eg family friendly working conditions] and this will affect me and my family because…
    • [If your agency has concluded bargaining]: staff at my agency accepted an agreement that has stripped rights and conditions – we have now lost X and the impact on morale has been Y. I’d like my colleagues at other agencies not to have to go through the same thing.
    • Our wages have been frozen for more than 3 years – and the impact on my family at this time of year coming up to Christmas has been X