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The Abbott/Turnbull government has attacked public services and cut 17,000 jobs. Now it’s using enterprise bargaining to attack the people who provide the services. CPSU members are fighting back but after an 18 month pay freeze, losing pay through strikes and work bans is hard. Can you chip in to help the workers taking action?

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What’s Happening?

Right now the Government is:

  • making it harder for working mums and dads to make a living and care for their families – by axing working conditions
  • cutting take home pay and real wages – by cutting allowances and freezing their pay
  • stopping people from objecting to government plans – by removing the right to have a say about changes at work.

We think the government is setting a bad example of how employers should treat their workers.


How your support helps protect public services and the people who provide them

Your donation will be used to help the CPSU campaign for jobs, rights and services - including through our Safeguard campaign – now and into the future. It could include:

  • providing financial support for union members in some circumstances who lose pay through sustained strike action or being stood down without pay
  • paid advertising, online campaigning, research, polling, letter-boxing and other activities for Safeguard and other campaigns


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